Concia al vegetale e pelle naturale

The most traditional process to tanning the leather is the one that best represents our philosophy, but also the most respectful of the environment.


Among the various methods, vegetable tanning is the oldest and most recognizable, due to the particularity of the result.


It is the only one capable of giving the skin that natural beauty that makes the product unique and even better as it ages.

The secret is all in the eco-technique: it is defined as "vegetable", because the substances used in the tanning (the so-called "tanning agents") are tannins, ie natural extracts deriving exclusively from vegetable sources, such as chestnut wood and quebracho, gall nuts and Tara pods.


It is precisely the tannin that gives the tanned leather the uniqueness that distinguishes it and the fullness of its coloring.


Each bag made with this leather has its own specific character and original charm; no item is perfectly alike, but each has its own precise identity.


The stock market changes over time, for the better, absorbing the traces of our experience and becoming “ours” in all respects.


For us who love artisanal tradition and real things, the choice of vegetable tanning and natural coloring was a spontaneous choice, despite the difficulties and the unexpected.


And even if the average time for this technique can take up to 60 days to optimize the result, even if the leather can be stained easily during the processing phases and you have to start over, even if this procedure requires impeccable craftsmanship and the range of achievable colors is limited… it is certainly the best way to stay true to what we want to be. 🖤