I am proud of my region, "Marche", full of olive groves, vineyards and ancient villages, where agriculture and craftmanship come together giving life to products that have a common characteristic, caring.

In 1990 i founded a company that is still working in the leather researc and production sector.

For 5 years, with the help of precious co-workers i have been producing bags and accessories using just the leather produced in our workshop.

101MEME in born thanks to my passion for leather, the vegetable tanned leather, the real and imperfect one.

The leather that acquires value and beauty over time.

A bag is not just a case, it is above all an expression of personality. We feel connected to those who choose our bag by a thread on wich feelings and sensitivities similar to ours live.

Why 101MEME?
To always reminds us to smile! did my aunt Meme who loved her life so much that after 101 birthdays i guess she has never lived one day without smiling.

- Gianni Vecchi -