Pelle conciata al vegetale e tinta in capo

The passion for fashion, beauty, art but above all the passion for Made in Italy are the ingredients of 101MEME.


The idea was born five years ago by Gianni Vecchi, CEO of the young brand from the Marche region and came to life thanks to his thirty years of experience in the leather research and production sector.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that 101MEME's strength is represented by the particular attention paid to the use of precious materials and artisan techniques, which characterize bags and accessories in an original way.


Like the choice of using vegetable leather, which today represents the right balance between sustainability and stylistic performance. This type of leather marries the mood of the company, which enhances the natural appearance of the product as an expression of authentic beauty, which is strengthened over time and with use.


After the choice of material, the style of the product is the other essential element of 101MEME and is achieved through the continuous research of Cristiana De Marco, the company's Stylist and designer. She studies the trends of the moment, trying to adapt them to the corporate soul to give each single piece - which is never too rock or too minimal - the original touch of 101MEME.


All this is combined with the close link with the Marche manufacturing art, known all over the world for the care and attention to detail. Almost all bags are made with the garment-dyed technique, i.e. colored after being manufactured.

The bag, in the natural color, is immersed in the barrels that contain water, color and emollients. After three hours, it is taken out, put to dry and subjected to final finishing operations, such as ironing and packaging.

The garment dyeing, with its peculiarity, gives each bag unrepeatable color nuances and a unique character, a bit like someone who decides to stand out, wearing something different.


In addition to bags and backpacks, 101MEME's experimentation continues to create leather accessories, which continue to spread the philosophy of Beauty and the True.


The curiosity

Why the name 101MEME?

The day when the name of the brand was decided, Mrs Domenica called Meme, aunt of Cristiana De Marco, turned 101 years old. Meme, in addition to having a certain care and attention for the bags he wore, was such a joyful and authentic person, that naming the new business by her name was a kind of enlightened inspiration.